How Video Games Hacked Our Culture
Ross Sutherland | Tim Clare | Joe Dunthorne
1hr, 14+

Last year, ESA (the Entertainment Software Agency) revealed that the average age of the most frequent game player is 33 years old. The children who began buying video games for their Atari 2600 in 1982 are still gripped 25 years later, somehow incapable of putting down the game controller and doing anything constructive, like putting up a shelf. No longer the preserve of childhood, video games have become a global phenomenon rippling though popular culture, influencing film, music, art, and even philosophy.

Realising they are the same age as Pacman, three authors come together to produce an evening of entertainment dedicated to the secret language of computer games. Will they manage to uncover the secret levels of the video game multiverse? Will they discover the full extent to which video games control their workspace, their lovelife and their self-respect? Or will they just become fatter and a bit less sociable? Infinite Lives investigates.

Combining the live forms of ‘literary recital’, ‘comedy club’ and ‘episode of Gamesmaster’, Infinite Lives includes a live text adventure, a Street Fighter 2 tournament, some badass ukulele solos, and many other secrets still waiting to be unlocked.


“Hilarious…time to dust off your joystick” – Metro

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