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Hinterland was a social game, designed exclusively for the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe. If you are interested in commissioning a new game of Hinterland, contact Hide and Seek at hello@hideandseek.net

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Hinterland is a long poem, hidden in four locations across the city of Edinburgh. Anyone that goes looking for the poem will have a different experience. The poem responds to your actions, changing every time.

In order to hear the first canto of the poem, you must collect a free booklet of instructions from the Forest Fringe (Bristo Place, Edinburgh).

These instructions will ask you to find a particular kind of stranger; a random person, somewhere in Edinburgh, with a particular skill. Maybe you’ll bump into someone that can help straight away. Maybe you wont meet them for days. Either way is fine. There’s no rush.

Once you’ve found them, you and the stranger must work together to answer a couple of simple questions about yourselves. When the awkward conversation is finally over, you phone up our special phone number and leave your answers with our operator.

A few minutes later, we send you back the first canto of Hinterland, which you can listen to on your phone. Once complete, you can return to the Forest Fringe for Canto 2.

The poem responds to the answers you collect, using your experience in exciting, unexpected ways. The more Cantos you collect, the more the Hinterland seems to know you. Each new canto leads to new jeopardy, leading you deeper into the world of the Hinterland: a landscape built from misunderstandings, invisible borders, crossed lines and untranslatable sayings.

Bianca Winter was one of the players who reached the end of the game. Here in her blog, she records the story of her personal experience of navigating the Hinterland.

Written by Ross Sutherland
Artistic Direction and game design by Alex Fleetwood, Hide & Seek
Produced by Sarah Ellis

Hinterland was selected for Escalator East To Edinburgh 2011. Each year Escalator, East to Edinburgh helps artists and arts organisations to raise their profile and perform to new audiences as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Forest Fringe. High-resolution images are available to download at www.easttoedinburgh.co.uk