I am an experienced workshop leader, across Key Stages One, Two, Three and Four, as well as adult groups.

Workshops range from 60 minutes to longer projects that take place over a number of weeks. Thematically, the workshop is usually led by the students. However, I am happy to accommodate any relevant themes relating to syllabus or coursework.

As a live poet, I am very conscious of the crossover between poetry and other areas of the performing arts. In particular: comedy, theatre and film. This cross-platform approach is equally reflected in my teaching practice. The end product of my more traditional workshops is usually an anthology of writing, and/or a live performance of the finished material. However, many of my larger teaching assignments have been based on ‘Mantle of the Expert’ projects, requiring the class to combine poetry with other dynamic elements, such as short films, a rap concert, or the treatment for a new video game.

My experience as a creative writing practitioner spans from Reception class to workshops with professional adult poets. I have worked with high ability classes such as Gifted and Talented pupils, to extremely mixed ability classes, such as prisoners at HMP Walton. I have worked with Creative Partnerships (Norfolk), Activate (Merseyside), The Windows Project (Merseyside) and Apples and Snakes (Cornwall). For four years I wrote and hosted a full time, four-week Creative Writing syllabus for The Oxbridge Tradition, a New York-based agency that runs a network of academic summer schools across Europe.

“I was extremely impressed by the ease at which Ross handled the pupils…I would not hesitate to work with him again.”

-A C. Hill, Walkden High, Liverpool

“Universal acclaim for the poets was heard loud and true for many days after you left. You have become a particular favourite among the English department, and if you haven’t already been invited back, I should like to make an early bid for your appearance at next year’s festival.”

-Martin Hitchcock, Beyond Words festival, UCS London

My Shoes Are In Love, written for ages 7+

Portrait of the Yeti as a Young Man, written for ages 14+