Pleasance Dome 2:30

1983: comedian Joe “Pops” Pooley is onstage at a North London comedy club and no one’s laughing.

2013: his murder is reconstructed.

Come help recreate the last five minutes of Joe Pooley’s comedy career. Everyone in the room gets to ‘play’ someone who was in the club on that fateful night: you could be the barman, the comedy critic, even A loud-mouth heckler.

Trapped inside a timeloop, the room experiences the murder over and over again. Who will you be next time round? A comedy agent? A bitter ventriloquist? One of the bouncers? You could even be the doomed comedian himself, reading the script off an auto-cue. No two performances are alike: as the night unfolds, the story begins to take on the personality of its audience.

“Joe’s original set was awful that night. Therefore, your job is not to save the gig. Your task is much simpler than that: CAN YOU DIE WITH SOME DIGNITY?”

“A Choose Your Own Adventure of a comedy gig… It’s a lot of fun”– The Independent

“Sutherland’s innovative piece of theatre is a true celebration of the audience and what they’re capable of” – ★★★★ The Scotsman

“This is the perfect show for anyone who has ever wanted to be a comedian, heckle a comedian or murder a comedian” – ★★★★ Skinny 

“An ambitious, interactive experiment in which the audience is the show”– ★★★★ The Mail on Sunday

“The beauty of the piece lies in the variation and anticipation, the growing awareness that you can shape things – though, of course, as in life, the final outcome is inevitable” – The Stage

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