twelve nudes front

Published 27.9.10 by Penned in the Margins

£9.50, 48 pages

ISBN 978-0-9565467-3-9

Limited edition mini-book

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A teacher once told me that poetry aspires
to the simplicity of the nude.

To be naked, he said, was to speak without footnotes.
Though, in my opinion, a naked person
usually has more explaining to do than anyone.

(’Twelve Nudes’)

In this limited edition, signed mini-book, Ross Sutherland presents the poem as honed, stripped and exposed. With trademark wit, Twelve Nudes interrogates the failures of love, exploding the dynamics of text, voice and body. In this elegant but uneasy satire, ‘to be naked is to speak without footnotes’.

Each book is packaged in a gold cellophane bag and comes with a special gift.

“Ross Sutherland’s poetry approaches the epic; a kind of epic on a human scale. If he were a piece of furniture, he would be an elegant high stool that felt uncomfortable and stylish at the same time.’ Ian McMillan, BBC Radio 3

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