“A true adventurer in form” – The Stage

Hi my name is Ross. I write for film, radio and stage. 

Since 2014 I’ve produced the experimental storytelling podcast, Imaginary Advice. In 2018, the podcast won gold for Best Fiction at the British Podcast Awards. Vulture named the podcast one of the “Ten Essential Fiction Podcasts That Shaped the Genre” .

I’m also the writer/producer of The Golden House, a six-part podcast drama, set inside a tech company (turned cult).  The Golden House has interactive elements that require listeners to solve puzzles in order to find hidden episodes across the internet.

In 2020 I wrote and produced a 10-part series for BBC radio about boxer-poet Arthur Cravan and a 6-part creative writing course for Audible.com. 

My playwriting credits include The Exorcism (2018) and Party Trap (2016), a play written entirely in palindromic form (script available here).

In 2015, I collaborated with filmmaker Charlie Shackleton on the essay-film Stand By for Tape Back-Up (adapted from my own stage show). The film won the Grand Prize for Experimental Film at BAFICI and the Runner-Up Audience Award at Fantastic Fest, Austin. In 2017 Charlie and I collaborated again on ‘Missing Episode’, a special for BBC2 where I took an old episode of Eastenders and remixed it into the story of a car-crash I had when I was 17.

When I first started as a writer, I mostly wrote poetry. Even though I don’t write as much as I used to, pretty much everything I make today draws on the processes I first developed as a poet.  I love inventing new forms of writing, creating language games and seeing where they lead me. If you’d like to read some of my poetry, I have four collections published by Penned in the Margins.

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