Me at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe (3): COMEDIAN DIES IN THE MIDDLE OF JOKE

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As part of my curatorial contribution to this year’s Forest Fringe, I am showcasing two performances of Comedian Dies In The Middle Of Joke: a interactive play about comedy & repetition.

Here’s the blurb:

November 1th, 1983: the closest the world has ever come to nuclear war. Comedian Joe “Pops” Pooley is headlining his local comedy club. As if his job wasn’t hard enough this evening, the venue has found itself trapped inside a six-minute time-loop.

Comedian Dies In The Middle Of Joke is an interactive play for fifteen people. Each time the stage resets, everyone in the room moves one seat along. Suddenly you might find yourself playing a heckler, or the barman, or even the comedian himself. All you have to do is read the autocue and follow the prompts. The comedian is doomed to fail every time. the question is: can you die with some dignity?

17th & 18th August 5pm – 6pm, Forest Fringe, Bristo Place, EH1 1EY.

The show was devised by me, produced by Sarah Ellis, and written in collaboration with the cast: Richard Morris (BBC’s Extras), Geradine Coyne, Maria Hosdon (both from The Aspidistras), and Joe Deeney.

This will be the second ever outing for CDITMOJ. Our first was a scratch at the excellent Sampled festival at Cambridge Junction earlier this year. Its great to be able to come and try it out at Forest, funded by Escalator East to Edinburgh and the Arts Council.

Tickets are free, from Brown Paper Tickets.

If you fancy coming along, but don’t want to participate in the show (we acknowledge that reading an autocue on stage is many people’s worst nightmare) there are seats at the back for people who just want to watch.

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