Me at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe (1): DETOURS

I am doing lots of fun stuff at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. One of those things is called DETOURS.

DETOURS is a series of impromptu performances in art galleries, happening across the length of the Edinburgh Art Festival. There are two performances from me, two from comedian Josie Long, two from musician Aidan Moffat, and two from performers Nigel Barrett & Louise Mari of Shunt.

Here’s what I’m doing:

“I’m Just A Lonely Guy” at the John Byrne exhibition,Open Eye gallery, 6:30pm.

I’ll be playing a clip piece from Byrne’s legendary 1987 TV series, layering a new story from my own life over the top of it. “I’m Just A Lonely Guy” was the b-side to “Tutti Frutti” on Little Richard’s original release of the song.

“In The Beginning” at the David Mach exhibition, City Arts Centre, 7pm.

I’ll be reading a short story about Edinburgh, astronomy, and the birth of the universe. My story follows a university lecturer as he searches backwards through his failing marriage, looking for the initial spark that made him fall in love.

Both events are free! Spaces are really limited, so I recommend booking early. These are both brand new pieces of work, which is really exciting for me, and I’m totally blown away to be in the same lineup as Josie/Aidan/ Nigel&Louise DONT FUCK IT UP ROSS

This whole project was designed and commissioned by the awesome people at Trigger. Go to their website for more info & to book tickets.

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