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My Imaginary Advice podcast just celebrated its first birthday this month! Twenty-one episodes, all exploring new ways of telling stories. I’m really proud of the show. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever made. I’ve got a whole slate of new ideas for the next year, but in order to keep the podcast going, I really need your help.

If you like the podcast and want it to continue, consider visiting my page at and pledging a small monthly contribution to the podcast. It’ll make a huge amount of difference in keeping the podcast online. I want to produce two episodes every month if I can.

Here’s the link to support:

Supporters get rewards as well. You can get a copy of my spoken word album, a copy of my 2012 book Emergency Window, and two special “supporter-only” episodes. I’ll even write you a poem on a subject of your choosing!

If you haven’t heard the podcast yet, here’s a selection of my favourite episodes, recorded over the last twelve months:

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