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Yesterday I was on Radio 4. I had the final segment on a new episode of Short Cuts. Short Cuts is one of my favourite programmes on Radio 4.

In my piece yesterday, I turned an episode of the Today Programme into poetry. John Humphries ended up mangled into something from deep inside my subconscious. You can hear the whole episode here:

And if you want to hear just the poem on its own, here’s the full Humph-only version:


Plus heres a PDF of the poem text

Thanks to producer Eleanor McDowall for pulling this all together into something that sounds amazing! Really pleased with how this came out.

By the way, I’m still doing my Imaginary Advice podcast. We’re coming up to the first birthday episode, which I’ll be uploading in a couple of days. You can catch up on previous episodes on iTunes or you can look them up here:

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