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Hi. You can now use this website to buy my spoken word album on CD.

It’s called “Everything We Do Is a Warning Sign” and costs £6.50. It comes in a cardboard case. Once you buy it,  I post it to your house. It’s easy!  Stop trying to make it sound complicated.

I had an asthma attack at the end of May 2013 that left me house-bound for about a week. I couldn’t really do much apart from sit around and complain about things. So I decided to make an album. By the end of the album I was pretty much back to health.

Every track is recorded in and around my house, with a few trips into town and the surrounding countryside. All the words were initially recorded onto dictaphone, so you get a better feel for where I was standing at the time. I’ve found that it sounds a lot better through headphones.

The poems are taken from three of my books: Things To Do Before You Leave Town (2009), Twelve Nudes (2010) and Emergency Window (2012). All three are published by Penned in the Margins. You can buy the books from

The cover image was taken by my mate Scott in 1997. I’m on holiday in Torquey, wearing a girl’s blouse. I’m definitely not going to regret putting this picture on the cover. Ever.