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Hello my name is Ross. I am a writer/performer based in the UK. I do lots of different things, and they dont all fit together neatly.

I have published three poetry collections, all with Penned in the Margins. Things To Do Before You Leave Town, in 2009, Twelve Nudes in 2010, and Hyakuretsu Kyakuin 2011. You can buy all of them here.

I have also been published in Popshot, Pen Pusher, Rising, Reactions, Tears in the Fence, The Grocer, Fleeting and the NME. My commission work has included London Science Museum, the Institute for The Future of the Book, ADIDAS and BBC Radios 3 and 4.

I am currently developing a full-length science fiction film with Warp Films and Thomas Thomas. More on this to follow next year.

My live work tends to draw on my background as a poet, although it isn’t always necessarily poetry. In 2010, I collaborated with social gaming company Hide and Seek to make Hinterland- a live game played across Edinburgh, where players created a unique poem by talking to strangers and then relaying their conversations to an answering machine.

I am currently working on a piece of interactive theatre about a comedy club, trapped inside a five minute timeloop.

I also have a one-man show that I’ve been touring since 2009. It’s called The Three Stigmata of Pacman. I’m doing some more shows in 2012. For more information,  looky here.

I am also a member of the poetry collective Aisle16, with whom I run Homework, a monthly night of literary miscellany in East London, at Bethnal Green Workingmen’s Club. Homework is our scratch night for developing new live and written work.

To date, I have co-written nine live literature productions. Much of my live literature work  tries to combine poetry, stand-up comedy and multimedia visual. I spend a lot of time collaborating with illustrators, animators and short film-makers, and have produced some of the most complicated Powerpoint presentations this side of the Square Mile. You can see some of my films here on this website, or the whole portfolio is available on my YouTube page.

My first major theatre production was in 2005, with Aisle16′s Poetry Boyband. Boyband played in over 200 venues across the UK and won us Time Out’s Critic’s Choice of the Year. Since then, my shows have included a travelogue of British service stations (commissioned by John Betjeman’s estate), a series of eulogies for fictional characters (my directorial debut, commissioned by Monkfish Productions), a poetry show inspired by video games and another about me and my friends trying to blag our way into the illusive French writing movement, the OULIPO. Some of these shows are still available to book.

You can download a PDF copy of my poetry CV here.


Here’s an interview I did for my good friend Tim Clare on his Cone O’Tragedy Blog

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You can download a massive version of my face here. (Photo by Will Ireland)

And a picture of me rocking out with Pacman here. (Photo by Ben Martin)