Ross Sutherland was born in Edinburgh in 1979. He was included in The Times’s list of Top Ten Literary Stars of 2008. He has three collections of poetry: Things To Do Before You Leave Town (2009), Twelve Nudes (2010), and Hyakuretsu Kyaku (2011), all published by Penned In The Margins. Ross is also a member of the poetry collective Aisle16 with whom he runs Homework, an evening of literary miscellany in East London.

He has one-man show, The Three Stigmata of Pacman, and is currently developing a piece of interactive theatre: Comedian Dies In The Middle Of A Joke.

He also has a new documentary about whether computers will ever be able to write poetry. 'Every Rendition On A Broken Machine' is released Christmas 2011.


Two poems

Pet Sematary

Taken from the IMDB plot keywords. Photo by James Lyndsay.